Small Business: Facebook vs. Corporate Website

Today, I listened to a fellow talk about his experience in mortgages and small business. He has worked for several banks and recently purchased a bar in downtown Birmingham.

He was asked a question about his marketing efforts for the bar and explained that all of his online advertising consisted of a Facebook page. Continuing, he said that his target market was females ages 25-35 and that because it was free and increasingly relevant, Facebook was his sole method of online advertising.

Interestingly enough, it is important for all small businesses to consider whether to utilize a Facebook page, corporate website, or both.

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each option that are relevant to his situation (and most small businesses):


Without a doubt, the upside to creating a Facebook page far outweighs the negatives. As we were discussing the gentleman’s strategy to use only Facebook, some of the negatives did prompt discussion on establishing a corporate website to satisfy the gaps left by Facebook.

Consider the different sides:


Once again, I think the good aspects of utilizing a corporate website overshadow the bad. For your reference, CMS stands for Content Management System (like WordPress, which I use) and can really eliminate a lot of the headaches associated with web development.

From a business owner’s standpoint, I think it is vital to see the synergy that is possible when combining the two platforms.

Creating a corporate website with general information including company offerings, contact information, and other relevant details can develop into a reputable reference for consumers simply Googling you business. On the other hand, creating a unique Facebook page where updates, general information, and interactivity come together can increase the customer’s experience and business’ performance.

We are moving to a world where Facebook is blending with every other website and to neglect one aspect is to tie one hand behind your back.

Here are some resources for you when creating your Facebook page:

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